27 Years Old Shreyas Cotha from Bengaluru has remarkable collection of over 200 rare types of golf balls

Pic: ET

People in this world have many passion of their own and they get noticed by others. One person who has become cynosure of many eyes is none other than 27 year old Shreyas Cotha. When most of us are interested in the collection of different stamps, coins etc this man has been sensational and he has now over 200 types of rare golf balls.

It must be noted that this humble Shreyas Cotha from Bengaluru is superb in the field of jewellery business but his passion for collecting rare types of golf balls has put him in the news. It is superb to mention that his company named ‘’ C. Krishnaiah Chetty and Sons’’ has been doing very well in the jewellery and gems business and it was started some 145 years ago.

At the famous Babysion Business School located in Australia this 27 year old Shreyas Cotha completed his business management course and it was during his studying at this business school he got a golf ball and it was kept wrapped in a gold foil. It is now said he also did a summer programme at the famous Stanford University in the year 2010.

He also has got another golf ball which he purchased during a night tournament at Karnataka Golf Association. It is revealed that Shreyas Cothas has been into this game of golf ever since he was just 12 years of age. Shreyas who speaks highly about his golf ball collections is a superb fan of famous golf players like Tiger Woods and Sharmila Nicollet. It is nice to hear that each golf ball he has got has some story behind it and he remembers those well and had surprised many with those stories. Superb!!!

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