Afroz Shah- Mumbai based Lawyer Wins United Nations Environment Award

Pic: Twitter @LewisPugh

A citizen who can make a difference in protecting the environment is fantastic and is often regarded highly. Recently a lawyer named Afroz Shah of Mumbai made headlines for his superb work towards environment and he received the prestigious United Nations Environment Award for his contributions.

This Afroz Shah is currently in Mexico and he got this sensational award there. A global conference on biological diversity is happening in Cancum in Mexico and he received award at that conference there and was applauded by many present.
It is really fantastic that this Afroz Shah along with five others plus an agency got ‘’Champions of the Earth’’ award.

His stupendous work of picking of left over plastics, bottles, shoes etc by using hands along the 2.5km Versova beach in Mumbai was mind blowing and he has been awarded by UN under ‘’Action and Inspiration’’ category and his volunteer initiative has got noticed by many all over.

It is amazing that his efforts to clean the entire stretch on Versova Beach were recognized by none other than UNEP or United Nations Environment Project. It is now revealed that plastic waste combined with garbage and filth created lots of problem in the beach.

Afroz Shah along with a person named Harbansh Mathur aged 84 who were residents of this Versova locality started cleaning manually from 2015 October onwards. With the help of many new volunteers this cleaning process was highly successful and they segregated mammoth 4000 tons of garbage. UNEP chief Mr Erik Solheim was highly impressed by the work of lawyer Afroz Shah and his huge team and spoke highly regarding Afroz Shah’s wonderful contribution as a citizen in protecting the environment. Awesome effort!!

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