Alfie McAnespie- 9 year old boy is raising funds for ’’Help for Heroes’’ charity


Scotland born Lorraine Kelly is a popular journalist cum TV presenter cum actress who has created superb impact on many people. It is natural that she would have met many famous personalities in her career in all these years. It is now revealed that she was amazed by a 9 year old boy named Alfie McAnespie who had a big heart to help others even at his young age.

It is superb that this nine year old boy’s dad is serving in the armed forces and is doing superbly. It is now brought out that when Alfie McAnespie was just 16 months old he made sensation when he became the official fundraiser for a charity named ‘’Help for Heroes’’.

Not only that Alfie was also responsible for raising an amount of 2000 pounds when he participated in a bike ride in Germany as he lived there. This happened a year later and he caught the attention of many by his act. The good works done by Alfie McAnespie did not stop and after he and his family shifted to UK he came across a person named serviceman John Prossner who was training for a swimming competition.

Alfie McAnespie was moved by this serviceman in wheelchair and was finding it difficult to swim. At this moment Alfie asked this John about his problem and he was told that his wheelchair must be changed. This boy raised amount of 6500 pounds for the purpose of his wheel chair.

Latest news is this boy Alfie would be going to Mt Kilimanjaro so that he could raise funds for this charity ’’Help for Heroes’’. Great Alfie McAnespie!!

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