Amazing news!! This Balwinder Sahani of dubai paid mammoth $ 9million for his unique car number plate and is sensational


How often we have heard of a person spending huge amount of money to get his favourite car number? In Dubai a man named Balwinder Sahani caught the attention of many recently. He got unique single digit car number by spending whopping $ 9 million. Incredible isn’t it!!

His number plate D5 has now become very famous as he had purchased this unique one by paying 33 million Dirhams and he is spoken by many highly.It is great to note that this Balwinder Sahani or Abu Sabah is the owner of a property management firm known as RSG International and it is present in Kuwait, India etc. According to Balwinder Sahani collecting unique number plates gives lots of happiness to him and he feels proud for that.

He also spoke about how he likes number 9 and D5 adds to number 9 which he considers lucky for him. It is unbelievable when he says that last year he got a unique number plate of O9 by paying 25 million Dirhams. Balwinder Sahani also spoke about his collection of 10 number plates till now and wanted to have many more.

It is interesting to note that the number created interest amongst the participants and the bid for that started from 20 million Dirham. It is now confirmed that more than 300 bidders took part and this bidding event is held once in two months. It is now said that another number plate ‘’ Q 77’’ was also amazing and it was taken by a person who paid huge 4.52 million Dirhams and another plate P27 was taken for 2.14 million Dirhams. Superb!!

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