Balmeet Singh – This Courageous Sikh from USA received ‘’Young Sikh Hero Award’’


Courageous acts of many people get noticed these days. Grown up in Bakersfield in USA a Sikh named Balmeet Singh of age 30 has become cynosure of many eyes.

It is superb that he dared a hatemonger and is spoken highly for that now. It is important to note that this Sikh Balmeet Singh has now won the prestigious’’ Young Sikh Hero’’ Award in USA.

According to Inderpreet Singh of American Sikh Council or ASC Balmeet Singh was given this superb award for his courageous act by the Mayor Harvey Hall. Inderpreet Singh also threw light on how Balmeet Singh galvanized the community of Bakersfield to oppose racism and bigotry.

This Inderpreet Singh further added that Balmeet Singh’s brave act in tackling a person is a lesson for others to follow. It must be noted that outside a restaurant Balmeet Singh was attacked by an unknown person who threw some drink on Balmeet’s face. Shocked and surprised by this Balmeet then shouted at the stranger and that man moved towards parking area there. Balmeet Singh later got the strangers description plus his license plate number.

It is now revealed that the attacker shouted at Balmeet saying he was a threat to the country of USA and then hurled racial abuse on Balmeet Singh. It must be noted that this Balmeet Singh’s had previously given many inspiring speeches in California and they were sensational.

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