Cassandra De Pecol- This 27 year old woman from Connecticut in USA would become the first ever female to visit every country in this world and she is unbelievable

Pic: Red Bull

We all dream of traveling to many foreign countries but a woman named Cassandra De Pecol has done that in real life and she is simply sensational.

It is superb to hear that this 27 year old Connecticut based Cassandra De Pecol would have traveled to as many as 196 countries in her life in short time in another 40 days. It is great that she is now the first documented female plus youngest American plus fastest traveler who has done this amazing feat of travelling to many countries. It is awesome that she is on the way to enter the famous Guinness Book of World Records for her feat. It must be noted that since the month of July 2015 she had traveled to as many as 181 countries. The rest 15 countries would be covered by her in another 40 days.

Her journey termed ‘’Expedition 196’’ is for a great cause and it is now said that she is travelling as an ambassador for peace on behalf of International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

In the social networking site Instagram her superb inspirational journey to the countries can be followed and that is superb. It is now confirmed that she has spent 1,60,000 pounds and changed as many as 254 flights during her travel. Not only that she is also spending two to five days at a particular country and films her travels. Amazing Cassandra De Pecol!!

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