Craig Heatley – This man from Perth shared his thoughts about his painful personal life for the International Baby Loss Week and it was touching

Pic: Craig Heatley

This story would sure melt many hearts. A man named Craig Heatley from Perth in Australia shared his personal painful story of losing his two kids at the International Baby Loss Awareness Week and it created tears on those who were present there.

This Craig Heatley has now three kids named Addison of eight years, Ella of five years and Owen of three age. He and his wife along with his kids live in Perth which is western part of Australia.

Craig Heatley spoke about how he lost his two kids named Charlotte who was still born in the year 2007. It was really sad to hear him when he said he had lost another kid named Cameron due to febrile convulsion issue and it happened in 2009.

Red Nose is a famous charity that is involved in creating awareness in people regarding deaths of kids and newborn babies and this Craig Heatley shared his story ads a part of International Baby Loss Week and to support this charity Red Nose. Craig Heatley further spoke how he and his wife held their new borne Charlotte before he passed away and after two years lost his kid Cameron who was lying still in the cot due to febrile convulsion that causes the body temperature to increases abnormally.

There were tears around when he said that his daughter Addison often asks him about her two siblings who have passed away and at Cameron’s funeral Addison also cried without knowing about him. Touching isn’t it!!

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