Cycling campaigners praising the new John Dobson Street cycle lane and calling for Newcastle to follow the same

Representational Pic:

It is known that in cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen there are many cycle lanes present for the cyclists. A cycle lane in John Dobson Street, Newcastle has been spoken in high regards by many now and it has caught the attention.
It is now clear that this multi million pound that is used to transform a street into a cycle lane can now be used by the people.

It is known that anything that is done for the people creates huge noises and same is the case with this cycle lane also. Though many heaped praises for this superb thought but some people were not happy regarding this cycle lane and thought money was wasted.

It is also brought out that this cycle lane would make the traffic slow than before plus it would be used by only by few cyclists. Chairperson of Newcastle Cycling campaign Katja Leyendecker spoke highly about this cycle lane and said it would be the starting for many more such lanes in the years to come.

She also expressed her thoughts about this new cycle lane and said building roads to encourage driving because it creates many issues. She then spoke about the need people friendly city centre and how the roads present is responsible for dividing the city centre.

It must be noted that she also touched upon how though the total distance is around 5kms people drive and create issues and lead to poor air quality. There were few people who said New Castle does not have cycling community like those present in Amsterdam and Copenhagen and there is no need to build more such cycle lanes etc.

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