David Rule-This student from the University of Wyoming in USA likes extreme adventures in life and is sensational

Pic: laramieboomerang.com

Not many can be like David rule in real life. This student from the renowned University of Wyoming in United States of America has done remarkable feat of swimming through the cold Fremont Lake and he has caught the attention of many now.

It is amazing to note that this 19 year old David Rule took 5 hours and 50 minutes to swim 9 miles of Fremont lake whose temperatures are in mid 50’s range. It is important to note that David Rule was the one who successfully completed the swimming in this stunning Lake.

The extreme cold temperature of this Lake was responsible for many top class swimmers to opt out and David Rule did sensationally in this aspect. David Rule spoke about how the water was calm when he swam and the problems he faced during first and last mile of his swimming.

David Rule spoke about how fast he swam and the time that went so fast during his swimming. He further threw light on the storm that created some problems for him during the last mile. He proudly said that at this time another person who swam with him quitted as he was not able to swim but David Rule was highly determined. He also spoke about how he was in the state of hypothermia after getting out of the lake waters.

It must be noted that this David Rule likes extreme adventures as it helps him to stay motivated during his studies in school. The amazing thing about him is he rides 8ft tall unicycle around his school campus and surprises many there. Great David Rule!!

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