Dilish Parekh – The Man of 4,500 cameras and a world-record holder

Pic: Digital Photography Review

How could you see someone’s passion or obsession for having a large collection of something like stamps, coins, baseball cards or any other object. Usually people who collect the kinds are the one who have a separate room as a living kind for these objects. We are introducing you to one such person.

His name is Dilish Parekh but he do not own any collection of above said objects, in fact the person mention over here holds the world-record for the world’s largest collection of still photography cameras. Since 1970, his massive collection includes cameras from as early as 1860 and he owns 4,500 cameras. That’s slightly unbelievable but yes, he owns them.

Dilish Parekh has started receiving the old cameras as a gift from his Grandfather but soon it turned into his hobby and passion and his collection does include some valuable cameras though, including a Leica 250 and there are some quirky cameras as well. For instance, there are cameras that looks like a lighter, a watch camera and a rope-triggered camera. According to Parekh. You name the camera and he has it.

As he continues to break his own record, he welcomes challengers, but he has no intentions of slowing down and neither he has any plans to sell or offer the cameras from his selection.

It’s not mentioned what his collection is worth in terms of money, but it’s clear that whatever monetary value it might have, it’s worth far more sentimentally to Parekh.
For Dilish Parekh, cameras are life to him.

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