Doctor Shiv Shankar Prasad Treats his Patients by Taking Just Rs 10


Not many doctors in this society do what a doctor named Shiv Shankar Prasad is doing for the sake of many patients. It is amazing that this Dr Shiv Shankar Prasad who had always been kind to people has become sensation now and this superb doctor is now spoken for the reason that he takes just Rs 10 from the patients. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is important to note that this Dr Shiv Shankar Prasad completed his MBBS in the year 1986 and it is now revealed that in the last thirty years he has done wonderfully for many people and served them without any selfishness.

People from Bihar state have benefited immensely by this superb kindhearted doctor. It is superb to mention here that his nursing home titled ‘’Suhagi Clinic’’ has been doing sensationally in providing superb treatment to many local patients in Nalanda in Bihar and the great part is he charges just Rs 10 from them.

It is known that most doctors are money minded these days and what this Dr Shiv Shankar Prasad is doing for many patients is simply fabulous.

It must be noted that this doctor gave interview to ‘’The Logical Indian’’ and it is now said that he started this nursing home after he completed his MBBS course and with the support from many doctors this nursing home is striving to provide better healthcare to many.

It is worthy to mention that the state of Bihar does not boast of superb healthcare facilities and Dr Shiv Shankar Prasad and his nursing home doing this sensational work has caught the attention of many. Superb Dr Shiv Shankar Prasad!!

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