Domestic abuse film – Break the routine


Domestic abuse or domestic violence is something every women in every second household is suffering with. It’s not rare that we do not listen to such news where women’s are being targeted every day and every single day, it became their worst nightmares. Molestation and abuse keep going and so their dreaded story. When a women became a victim, another story rises of violence.

Domestic abuse has now been trending and it’s the most dangerous suffering that women suffers. Here is a short film on domestic abuse, in fact the film on domestic abuse has been presented in a dance form and it’s a must watch where an act has been displayed in the art form as how a men attacks women and make her a victim of domestic violence. Till now, this has been the most powerful medium to display on how a women suffers this kind of abuse until she takes a special advice to stop the men.

On average, high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for over two years before getting specialist help. 1.9 million people experienced domestic abuse last year and almost two people a week were killed by their current or former partner.

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