#DomexIndia Organizes a Special Campaign to support Eradication of Open Toilet System!


#DomexIndia is a household name for toilet cleaning products. Recently, they organized a beautiful campaign named- #SeeThroughToilet targeted towards bringing awareness about the ‘Open Toilet System’.

Domex installed open-mirrored toilet in a public place and asked people about their perspective of using it. It is quite oblivious that nobody would like to defecate in public. People felt highly disappointed and disgusted to even think about it.

However, it is very unfortunate that around 50% of India’s population is still compelled to use open toilets. In order to improve the sanitation condition of India we would all have to join hands. Domex is surely doing its bit and has already built around 70,000 toils across the Nation.

These 70,000 toilets are providing access to over 3.5 lakh people. #SeeThroughToilet campaign would have surely raised some awareness regarding the unfortunate open toilet system, and we wish that more people come up to eradicate this system completely.

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