Dr K.T. Mohammed Rabeeh Rabeeullah, A Kerala based Indian businessman and philanthropist in Oman gave Rs 10 lakh to a jobless man

Pic: thehansindia.com / shifaaljazeera.com

People do many sensational things and get the attention of many these days. It is incredible that a businessman plus philanthropist named Dr K.T. Mohammed Rabeeh Rabeeullah in Oman has caught the attention of many all over because he had given an amount of Rs 10 lakh to a jobless person named Sanjeev Rajan who is from Kerala.

It is important to note that this Sanjeev Rajan is from Kollam in Kerala and he has a wife and two kids along with his ageing parents. Sanjeev Rajan is an electrician by profession who went to Oman for greener pastures. It is now revealed that he did not get job in Dubai and was forced to live in terrace of a building for nearly 8 months. It is also now said that he did not have proper food to eat.

Sanjeev caught the attention of Dr KT Mohammed Rabeeh Rabeeullah who is very popular with his healthcare business in Oman and he is the chairman and Managing Director of this healthcare company. It is superb that he came from Muscat and gave this jobless Sanjeev a sum of 5000 dirham or Rs 93272 so that Sanjeev could use the amount soon for his needs.

Not only that this businessman cum philanthropist told that he would transfer an amount of Rs 10 lakh to Sanjeev’s account soon. It is now confirmed by Sanjeev that his employer did not hand over his passport to him and he was forced to live in the terrace of the building for 236 days as he did not have job and money.

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