Dylan Graves- This 12 year old boy saved the life of his best friend from an accident but was affected in the process and he is really courageous

Pic: Daily Star

It is not often we talk about bravery and courageous nature present in the kids. What a boy named Dylan Graves did for his friend James Yeadon is sensational and shows kids are indeed brave. Incredible isn’t it!!

It must be noted that Dylan Graves along with his friend James Yeadon were walking home when Dylans act of bravery and courage saved the life of his best pal James Yeadon and in the process of saving him Dylan Graves took the full impact on him. It is important to note that black Vauxhall Vectra lost control and was heading towards them and this Dylan Graves pushed his friend to safety and took the full impact on himself.

It is shocking that Dylan was dragged under the car as it is now brought out that the hand brake of that car was not proper and it had faults. Dylan Graves spoke about how he pushed his friend James when the car was heading towards them when they were walking. He also expressed his thoughts about how there was not much time as the car was coming very fast and if he had not pushed his friend it would have become fatal for James. This accident took place in the month of January and it was near the home of Dylan Graves in Bradford in West Yorkshire, UK.

Natasha who is the mother of Dylan spoke about how she was shocked when James told about the accident and she appreciated the presence of mind in Dylan as he kept his head up when he was dragged under the car and how that presence of mind saved her sons life now. Awesome Dylan Graves!!

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