Ed Woodward- This man from USA has dome amazingly by joining Air Force to do good after his brother died and he is superb

Pic: YouTube

At the ”Got Your 6’s” fourth annual storytelling event that took place in the New York in USA Ed Woodward grabbed the attention of many there with his touching speech and he was simply superb.

It is important to note that this Air Force person Ed Woodward shared some touching moments of his life to the people present at the event.

He spoke about how his twin brother was kidded by a drunk driver on 3rdJune in the year 2000 and how he felt shocked and depressed at that time.

Ed Woodward also revealed that how he promised his twin brother that he would live both lives. It is superb to hear that this Ed Woodward joined Air Force as flight navigator and played good supporting role in operation Northern Watch, Operation Noble Eagle plus Operation Enduring freedom etc.

It is shocking to note that during his training as F-15C Eagle pilot he had injured his brain and it was a serious issue. He later spoke about how he did not let his brain injury to come in his way and he didn’t want his career in Air Force to end without doing something good. Having got his masters degree in medical sciences this Ed Woodward now wants to become a doctor.

It must be noted that this ”Got Your 6’s” fourth annual storytelling event took place on 26th October 2016 and it is an important event where achievements plus inspiring stories of veterans were told so that others could also know about the struggles, growth and sacrifices made by them. Great!!

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