Farmanullah Nawrozy- This 18 year old teen of Afghanistan is now named as ‘’Young Person of the Year’’ and is sensational

Pic: Manchester Evening News

It is well known that in the country of Afghanistan there are many issues and these issues have made the lives of many people there very difficult. It is sad that many people have lost their lives in these issues. Some people have shifted to other countries to live. One such who shifted is this Farmanullah Nawrozy.

This Farmanullah Nawrozy reached the shores of United Kingdom just four years ago and that time he could not speak proper English also. It must be noted that he had come to UK without his parents.

It is superb to mention here that this 18 year old Farmanullah is now named as the Rochdale’s ‘’Young Person of the Year and he has attracted the attention of many all over with this title.

His past experiences in his land of Afghanistan had taught him many lessons in his life. In Newbold this Farmanullah Nawrozy was taken care of new parents and he went to the famous Kingston Park High School. It was in this school he learnt to speak proper English and even passed his 10 GCSE in flying colours. He also made many in the Middletown campus of Hopwood Hall College proud and happy by finishing BTEC Level 1 in sports.

Saqub Hussain who is a Youth worker spoke highly of this 18 year old teen’s great progress in his life and also about his many positive contributions. It is worthy to mention that Saqub Hussain was the one who nominated Farmanullah Nawrozy for the honour at Mayors Youth awards.

It is now revealed that Farmanullah was given trophy plus certificate and he received these from the Mayor of Rochdale Mr Coun Ray Dutton. Superb!!

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