How Bhagya Lakshmi’s post has helped a rape victim to get Kerala CM’s attention as the victim was asked by Police “which one gave you the greatest pleasure?’

NDTV Video Snapshot

The news that a gang raped woman has withdrawn the complaint given by her against those who raped her has been the subject of discussion all over.

It must be noted that two years back in 2014 she was asked by the friends of her husband to come to hospital as her husband was in the hospital. This woman and her husband lived in Thrissur that is around 300 kms from the capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram. She trusted those cunning friends and went with them to meet her husband who was said to be admitted in the hospital. Those men drew her to another place outside the city and took turns to rape her.

It is important to note that she confided in her husband and her husband asked her to inform this matter to police and this was in the month of August 2016. This rape victim spoke about how she was made to wait from morning to evening for four days in the police station. She further spoke about how she was harassed and humiliated by the police as they asked her some irrelevant questions about the rape.

It is now brought out that she was made to withdraw her complaint against the men who raped her brutally and she was also made to sign the papers. It must be noted that this woman and her husband spoke about those bitter incidents that happened in their lives two years ago in the public recently and grabbed many people’s attention all over.

It is now said that she first shared her issues with dubbing artist and activist named Bhagya Lakshmi after seeing her on the television.The latest news that has come out now is chief minister of Kerala and police chief would soon be meeting this woman regarding this issue.

Source: NDTV

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