Indian Institute of Delhi shows the way for the state of Punjab in the reusing of farm waste

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

This is superb news that is being spoken by many now. Indian Institute of Delhi or IIT Delhi has caught the attention of many all over because it has now shown a way for the Punjab state in reuse of farm waste and is tremendous.

It is now said that being a farmer in Punjab has many advantages. It is now brought out that farmers could earn superb money from the farm waste and they no longer need to burn those waste to create pollution in air. Apart from the said benefit another benefit is bio-fertilizer plus sustainable energy could also be got using farm waste. Superb isn’t it!!

The superb piece of information is this IIT Delhi has contributed its part in the development of bio-gas power plant in a place called Fazilka in Punjab and this is said to be Asia’s first ever such. It is important to note that paddy straw is utilized in this process and 4000 cubic metres of bio-gas per day has been produced and this is awesome. As a result of this process 1MW power is generated.

One piece of news that had shocked many in recent times is about how 70% of the pollution in Delhi was caused because of burning of farm waste in Punjab, Haryana and in Delhi and this problem could be solved now. According to Mr Vijay who is working as a professor in Centre for Rural Development and Technology or CRDT in IIT Delhi paddy straw when not burnt could give 2.181 million tonnes of oil equivalent or 25365 Giga Watt hours in a year. He also threw light on how paddy straw burning could be avoided in future. Superb!!

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