Inspiring Life Journey of Winnie Byanyima who is trying to reduce the gap between Rich and Poor

Inspiring Life Journey of Winnie Byanyima who is trying to reduce the gap between Rich and Poor

A real example of Perseverance and Diligence, the current director at Oxfam and is the first African to take the position. She is in her third year at the UK based International organisation, Oxfam. Winnie Byanyima life’s was not so much of what she has been living today. Everyone has a past and so do Winnie Byanyima who has struggled hard to make it.

In an interview given to BBC, she has spoken about her life and roles. Below are some points from her interview.

1Growing up in the Dictatorship

Winnie Byanyima grew up in dictatorship. The Government had taken power at independence became dictatorial and her father was in opposition. She learned from her father to stand up for herself an stand up for what is right.

2Across the Border

Makerere was becoming unsafe for her and with parent’s supportive decision she decided to get across the border. Her mother got her a passport from an illegal shop whose job was to processed illegal documents and she moved to England.

3Fake Money

Pic: LinkedIn

Winnie Byanyima bought $300 from the black market but unfortunately that was fake currency which she got to know at the airport but it was her good luck that she wasn’t arrested for that fake money she was carrying.

4Help Service

A large community of elite Ugandans who had escaped the regime helped Winnie too with their services. She applied for a scholarship over there and later they paid for her Manchester University and that changed her life.

5Political Skills and Career

Winnie Byanyima went back home and joined as seasoned political activist and as women’s right activist. Apart from the political skills, she took up a job as a flight engineer in Uganda Airlines and also supported armed struggle.

6Armed Struggle Support

Pic: Oxfam

She struggled against the dictatorship and the violation of human rights. Ashe was the crew member of Boeing 747, she flew in and out of Uganda and supplied medicines to injured combatants and sometimes she had to live in the bush as she was on risk factor.

7Elected as an MP

Winnie Byanyima’s mom was her role model who worked for the women community. She led the community and formed the women’s club. Winnie got inspired by this and when she was elected to Parliament, she went ahead for women’s equal rights in democracy.


It was a very fortunate incident that Oxfam approached Winnie Byanyima which she thought was a British organization and only British people can do that. She gave interview and was selected. Before Oxfam, she worked for African Union Commission and after that United Nations.

9Going Global

Pic: YouTube

Winnie Byanyima believes that more countries should be supported that are in crisis and even can’t balance their budgets and then there are people living in poverty. She wants to work more and more for such countries.


For Winnie Byanyima, work is priority and according to her it’s a privilege to serve. She is not afraid of sacrifices.

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