Islamabad’s Transgenders seeks an inclusive mosque where sex and religion will not be the factor


On the outskirts of Islamabad, there is a village known as Noorpur Shahan. Every year the village gets its visitors in the multiple of hundreds because of a shrine of Bari Imam over there. but there’s another side of the story this, the place is also known to be the home a small transgender community who live over there and these are the transgenders who want to build an inclusive mosque as they are restrained from entering in the mosque.

A transgender activist, Nadeem kashish who dress as a man and prefers to be identified by the male pronoun runs Safar (Shemale Association for Fundamental rights) wants to build a mosque that would be transgender friendly.

In an interview given to some television reporters, Kashish said that a transgender is always turned away and are not welcome in the neighbourhood. They are not entirely welcome in mosques and faces discrimination and violence. Kashish lets on and reveal some dark truths about the transgender community, for instance, the people as a society makes a lot of difference when it comes to the transgender community and moreover, no one will step out to preach them Islamic practice and nor the community is mentioned in the Friday sermon.

Nadeem Kashish with the support of trans community friends and mostly volunteers and even a Christian friend of her had been raised funds for the building of the mosque for which the land has been donated by a local community and so far, the mosque had received rs. 0.6 million.

According to kashish, “We just wanted an inclusive mosque where people from all religious sects and all sexual orientations can come together to pray as a community.”

The objective for building the inclusive mosque is to bring back the true spirit of communal worship.

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