Ivan Zimmermann, the famous Actor and motivational speaker, cycles from Beijing to Istanbul for a social cause !

Pic: The Newspaper

Ivan Zimmermann, the famous Actor and motivational speaker, recently completed challenging cycling adventure from Beijing to Istanbul. This is actors second adventure, earlier he had successfully completed a cycle tour from Cairo to Cape Town in 2015.

He and team of 14 people began his expedition on May 14th 2016.He hadn’t met any of these 14 cyclists.Their traveling schedule stretched through the “Silk Route” They travelled through countries like China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkey. Temperatures in these cities ranged between minus 10 to 45 degrees.The terrain included heights ranging from 0 to 4500 meters above sea level.They completed this route of 12 280 km in 145 days.The reached their destination on October 5th.in addition to other challenges he also had a cracked rib,a broken pedal cank.

On completing this adventure he felt tired and crazy too.He mentioned that everyone is born to be a leader and we need to take responsibility of leading ourselves to this greatness and achieving higher dreams and never quit the journey of inner leadership.he is extremely proud and happy to complete this mission,its like a dream come true !

He thereby  helped in raising funds for LIPCO Law for All’s non-profit company, Fees for All which helps resolve financial issues faced by students. He also managed to raise one can of food per km he cycled for his can-a-kilo campaign.

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