Jane Watiri- This 36 year former sex worker is a superb motivational speaker shares some incidents that happened in her life and she is amazing

Pic: nation.co.ke

Not many can be like this Jane Watiri of age 36 years. She was once a sex worker but is a superb motivational speaker now making great impression on many people’s lives with her superb speeches. Incredible isn’t it!!  Jane Watiri recollected her thoughts about her past life.

She said she and her family lived in Ghetto in Nigeria. Since she dropped out of her school very early she had lots of time which she used to mingle with old people and in smoking cigarettes.

Jane Watiri also spoke about her painful life and said when at the age of just 16 she got pregnant and went along with the guy who made her pregnant. At the age of 20 she was she was ditched by her husband and she was all alone. At this juncture she met a friend who changed her life totally. It must be noted that this friend was responsible for Jane Watiri to become a sex worker.

She also spoke about how she liked the flesh trade business as she got lots of money from her customers. She then spoke about how she landed in a prison for a crime. She recollected her memories and said that in the year 2005 in the month of December she met a man who was responsible for creating impact on her and was responsible for her present life as motivational speaker.

Jane Watiri further expressed her thoughts about how she got associated with Nairobi based ‘’Springs of Living Water Church’’ and later how she joined ‘’Life Bloom Services International’’ that created many changes in her life. It was here she underwent programme in mentorship and her life as a motivational speaker took shape later. Awesome Jane Watiri!!

Source: nation.co.ke

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