Jonathan Snelling- This teacher from Howletch Lane Primary School played his part and changed the life of an autistic child and he is awesome


Some people do superb things and make headlines. A person named Jonathan Snelling who is a teacher helped an autistic student get his self confidence and he is spoken greatly now due to his superb work.

The student we are talking about is Daniel Simon-Coelho who has autism and needs more care than any normal child. Marie Simon spoke about the behaviour of her 8 year old Daniel Simon as he was abnormal in behaviour and how she found it hard to come to terms. It must be noted that this kid studied in Howletch Lane Primary School and was struggling there till he came in contact with his teacher Jonathan Snelling.

Marie Simon expressed her feelings about it and said her son was lucky that he was in a Jonathan Snelling’s class when he needed an inspirational person at that time of his life. She also spoke about how the outbursts of her son were very tough for her and her daughter as Daniel Simon could not overcome the pressures of life.

It is now clear that Jonathan Snelling understood this Daniel Simone fully and helped him a great extent in communication with adult peoples. It is superb to note that Marie Simon has now nominated this teacher Jonathan Snelling for the Chronicle Champion award for his superb efforts.

It is superb that the intervention lessons inside the school hours have borne fruits for this autistic kid Daniel Simone and the confidence levels have increased more than before due to this Jonathan Snelling. Jonathan Snelling was surprised and shocked to hear that he was nominated for Champion teacher award but felt happy. Superb effort!!

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