Kehkashan Basu- 16 year old girl from Dubai wins International Children’s Peace Prize

Pic: DubaiWeek

Not many kids at the age of just 16 could achieve what a girl from Dubai has achieved in her life. It is superb to note that this 16 year old girl Kehkashan Basu had won the coveted International Children’s Peace Prize and in her fight for climate justice plus combating degradation of the environment she has been sensational and has now attracted the attention of many.

Deira International School in Dubai must feel happy and proud that its student Kehkashan Basu got this awesome prize and is highly popular. It is worthy to mention that in the year 2005 international children’s rights organization or KidsRights started this unique competition and since then this competition has been simply superb.

It is revealed that as many as 120 entries were there and this girl Kehkashan Basu was selected from those 120 entries by Kids rights organization. It is superb to note that she received the award at a ceremony in Hague and she was given the ward by none other than Noble Peace laureate Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh and she was applauded by many there.

Mohammad Yunus expressed his thoughts and said it was great achievement by Kehkashan Basu at very young age as her message was highly appreciated by many all over. He also spoke about working towards sustainable future is very important.

One important piece of information is this Basu at the age of just eight played superb part in educating many in protecting the environment and was also responsible for planting a tree. Awesome Kehkashan Basu!!

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