Kev Shields – This instructor has proved his determination and has not let his physical issue come in his way and he is inspiring many


Kev Shields is turning many heads and is sensational now. It is now confirmed that Kev Shields does not have fingers in his left hand and this has surprised many around him. The great thing about him is this physical issue of not having fingers in his left hand has not come in his way of climbing trees and he has often amazed many with his great skills.

It is said to note that he was born without any fingers in his left hand and his parents were told that he won’t be able to drive bikes or climb trees etc. Kev Shields has now become a climbing instructor and is helping many people greatly. It is amazing to hear that this Kev shields not only drives bikes but also climbs rocks etc.

This Kev Shields of age 37 now lives in a place called Kinlochleven which is a village in Scotland. It is now clear that he works as a climbing instructor and has made great impact on many people. All roads would lead to Eden Court on 13th of October 2016 because on that day this Kev Shields would be giving his speech at a motivational Ted Talk. It is now brought out that when he was a child his parents did not treat him differently and they considered him to be very normal.

It is very clear that Kev Shields would be motivating many people there at the Ted Talk and would be preventing people from shying away from the challenges. It is really fantastic when he says everything could be turned into positive and determination is very important in life to make something happen. Sensational Kev Shields!!

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