Kevin Durrant- This 28 year old basketball player created great impact on a 11 year old boy James by his inspiring speech and is superb


It is well known that basketball player Kevin Durrant has got many fans all over and he is a very special player. This Kevin Durrant was born in the year 1988 in Washington DC in USA and he represents Golden State Warriors team in the NBA. It is tremendous that he won two Olympic gold medals apart from other great titles and he caught the attention of many with his superb basketball skills.

NBA Most Valuable Player Award is a prestigious title and this Kevin Durrant received this award for his superb contributions. It must be noted that at the award acceptance event Kevin Durrant spoke about his mother greatly and it touched the hearts of many. One 11 year old boy James was so touched by the inspiring speech of Kevin and the boy wants to take care of his mother.

The superb piece of news about this James is he wants to become an entertainer and wants to be successful to take care of his mom. It is great to note that at the acceptance speech given in the year 2014 Kevin Durrant spoke about his mother who sacrificed everything for her kids. Kevin Durrant also threw light on the problems his mother faced as she did not have her husband with her to support her.

It is now brought out that this 11 year old kid James was so moved by the speech of Kevin Durrant. It is now confirmed that James mother is providing her great support for him so that he could pursue his interests in his life. Superb Kevin Durrant!!

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