Laura Torrance – This woman from East Kilbride had life changing injuries in car crash in 1999 and wants to make many young drivers safe now


Not many can be like Laura Torrance. This Laura Torrance is an amazing woman and it is now said that at a road safety event she has been putting lots of efforts for many young drivers to understand the importance of safety. It is true that when she was a teenager she met with a terrible accident and since then she has been in a wheel chair.

This accident took place when she was just 16 years old and it was in the year 1999. Recently Laura Torrance was doing her part effectively at a roads safety event and shared her past life tragedy and as a guest speaker she was the centre of attention at the event.

She spoke about the impact collisions could have on an individual and their families. It is serious concern in Scotland now where people between ages 15 to 19 die in road crashes and it is really shocking to note that as many as 54 accidents takes place in a week and the drivers involved in those accidents are aged between 17 to 25. \

Laura Torrance felt happy that her talks about road safety and accidents have been creating good effect on many people. According to Laura Torrance driving could be fun oriented as long as it is safe. Laura recollected her bitter memories of her accident in 1999 when she was in a car with her friend. She spoke about how her car took corner quickly and rolled when she and her friend were very close to the home.

Great effort by Laura Torrance!!

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