Leeteuk- 33 year old Super Junior member revealed his struggles with depression and surprised many

Pic: noeylechh/Youtube

People who are cheerful and bubbly outside and make others happy do have some sadness inside them. One example is 33 year old Park Jeong-su or Leeteuk of South Korea. Leeteuk was born in the year 1983 in Seoul in South Korea and is highly popular actor cum singer cum songwriter with amazing fan following. It is superb to note that this Leeteuk has gained popularity over the years and he is a member boy band titled ‘’Super Junior’’.

He caught the attention of many around the year 2000 when he took part in SM Entertainments ‘’ Starlight Casting Systems’’ and was superb. It was in the month of November in the year 2005 this Leeteuk made his debut for Super Junior and on the SBS Music programme titled ‘’Popular Songs’’ he was incredible.

It is known that this 33 year old Leeteuk has won many hearts for his cheerful and bright nature. Recently he surprised and shocked many when he spoke his heart out regarding his depression. It is now said that he had depression even before his father and grandfather passed away in the year 2014. At the event titled ‘’There’s No Hope Without Despair’’ he stunned many with his revelations about his depressed life.

Leeteuk spoke about his past life and said when he was enlisted in the military and had depression and later came to know about the deaths in his family and was totally shocked. In January 2014 Leeteuk’s father committed suicide after killing his own parents that is grandparents of Leeteuk. At the event this Leeteuk threw light on the debts left by his dad and how he is paying those by himself. He further said that he was not angry with his dad for the debts.

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