Lisha Griffitt – This Chipley High School graduate fought with her health issues bravely and is now an successful business person inspiring many


It is hard to find women like Lisha Griffitt in this world. This Lisha Griffitt graduated from the famous Florida based Chipley High School in the year 1993. It must be noted that in the year 2008 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis where central nervous system got affected and as a result information flow from brain to other parts and vice versa was not possible.

As if this health issue was not enough to giver her pain she was shocked when the doctors told she had brain tumour and her life would end soon.

At this juncture most of us would have given hopes to live but not this Lisha Griffitt. She was amazingly determined and fought bravely. She was well supported by her loving husband Sharee Harmon. It must be noted that she prayed god to give her another chance so that she would utilize that well. It was amazing when her oncologist said the tumour had vanished totally when she visited Birmingham Albama. It was in the year 2010 she went to cooking school as she was highly interested about cooking.

It is superb that her friends encouraged her to go to cooking school so that she could become a business person in the future. At this point of time she also got chances to mingle with chefs like Irv Miller, Dan Dunn etc. Later she founded Essential Sause where she made sauses on her own and found many customers.

It is now said that she would use some amount from her ‘’Essential Sause’’ for the development of a programme so that upcoming entrepreneurs would be benefited. Awesome Lisha Griffitt!!

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