Maarij Khan- This school student remembers his loving brother Saffat Khan through ”Saffat Garden” built in his memory

Pic: Chronicle Live
Pic: Chronicle Live

A school student named Maarij Khan is now hogging the limelight for his superb love for his brother Saffat Khan who had passed away. It is important to note that this 12 year old Maarij Khan is facing deportation has combined with his mother Mushammat Sultana and opened a garden in the memory of his loving brother. Remarkable isn’t it!!

The Newcastle based Arthur Hill Primary School is in the news now because in this school Maarij Khan and his mom opened ’’Saffat Garden’’ for his brother Saffat Khan. It is now said that Maarij and his mother Mushammat Sultana were asked to leave the city where they are staying presently and they both made one last appeal to stay in the city.

It is amazing that lots of people living in West End show their support to this mother son duo and they have signed an online appeal so that the mother son duo could be stopped form deporting back to Bangladesh. It is now revealed that Maarij khan would not be able to withstand the change if he and his mother get deported to Bangladesh as his brother was buried in the city.

It is really shocking to hear that Shaffat Khan died because of a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma and the garden was built by pupils and staff of this school for the memory of Saffat Khan who was superb during his school days in this school before he died. It is interesting that the garden has specially created dinosaur and it has caught many people’s attention.

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