Manya Kalra and Sana Kharbanda – Young Delhi Girls have pledged to provide water filters in Delhi Slums


Manya Kalra and Sana Kharbanda from Sri Ram School, Delhi have pledged to provide water filters, a way of pure drinking water to slum residents of Delhi. ‘Elixir Shudh Paani ki Shapath’, their crowd funded initiative has achieved to raise an astounding aggregate of around Rs. 4 lakhs in four months to introduce water purifiers in the homes slum dwellers. Till now, the distribution work of  seventy water purifiers have been completed in Chakkarpur, Gurgaon and also with the raised fund, the duo is planning to distribute more purifiers.

Manya Kalra and Sana Kharbanda were planning such similar things they can do as a welfare part for the underprivileged and after visiting slum areas like Chakkarpur and Arya Nagar, they learned that the biggest problem is clean drinking water led in the form of greatest stress over there and they in on giving ceaselessly water purifiers.

The duo partnered with Tata Chemicals, which also teamed up with them after the learning the necessity of the project, they keep their involvement with Manya and Sana. The Tata Swach Cristella Plus filter  is a non-electric and economical and effective purifier and cost of one purifier is 1500. Plus they are collecting more donation to help more families.

Also, Manya Kalra is planning a short film to raise awareness on the daily problems that slum dwellers face and to complete the project they have a lot of footage that will help them to show what exists in slums.

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