Marley Dias- This 11 year old child advocate was paid $6500 for her keynote speech plus expenses at the superintendent conference and she is superb

Pic: Twitter

This article is about a teen girl named Marley Dias who has caught many people’s attention now. It is now confirmed that Marley Dias was paid an amount of $ 6500 for her speech plus other expenses. It is important to note that Marley Dias is just 11 year old child advocate and she was paid this amount by a New York school district. It is now said that this payment for her was because she gave a superb speech at the superintendent conference.

Poughkeepsie City School district is now in the news as it hired this advocate Marley Dias for $ 6500 for her keynote speech at the conference and he is simply superb. It is important to mention here that this 11 year old Marley Dias is from West Orange in New Jersey in USA and she was sensational as she was responsible for creating #1000BlackGirlBooksCampaign and by that campaign she made sure that lack of racial diversity in children literature was addressed.

Marley Dias one hour speech was sensational and she was cynosure of many eyes at the conference plus she also conducted half long workshop for as many as 50 students. Nicole Williams who is the superintendent spoke highly about Marley Dias and said Marley was amazing and she must not be discriminated by the district as she was 11 years old.
It is now brought out that Marley Dias was paid by means of funds collected from federal education programme. Great Marley Dias!!

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