Miriam Makeba – This South African born singer who campaigned against apartheid was honoured in ‘’Mama Africa the Musical’’ in New York University

Pic: amsterdamnews.com

It was in the 1960’s a woman named Miriam Zenzi Makeba turned many heads all over with her splendid skills in singing. Miriam Makeba was born in the country of South Africa in the year 1932 and apart from her musical talent she was also known for her work as civil rights activist.

It was in 1957 a song titled ‘’Pata Pata’’ was recorded and released in 1967 in USA. Since then her popularity grew skywards and she was regarded in great esteem by many all over. Racial segregation called as apartheid was present in South Africa and this Miriam Makeba campaigned against this apartheid system. It is superb to note that that she was known as ‘Ma Z’’ to her close friends and family members.

Recently in the New York University Miriam Makeba’s life story was told for two hours in ‘’Mama Africa the Musical’’ where 40 dancers and singers from South Africa performed amazingly.

Several stages of Miriam Makeba’s life was shown superbly and it included her birth, her life as a singer, her life as an activist, diplomat etc and the appreciation was superb from the audiences. It must be noted that the colourful costumes combined with superb dance and songs with innovative choreography surprised many people that day.

It is now said that this ‘’Miriam Makeba: Mama Africa the Musical’’ is an inspirational story of humble singer who revolted against apartheid and it also made the release of Nelson Mandela after 27 years of imprisonment possible. Fantastic!!

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