Misty Diaz- This Bakersfield based woman inspires many others to achieve their goals in their lives and is stunning

Pic: lilmisty.com

Misty Diaz is hogging the limelight now. It is superb that she had finished Redbull 400 in Utah, USA plus she also completed Spartan race in Tahoe in California and she is really happy about this.

It is really shocking to note that this Misty Diaz has got split spine or spina bifida and had as many as 28 surgeries. She has fought bravely with lots of determination and is now spoken in great esteem by many. It must be noted that James Wooster was a football coach and later became an adaptive physical education specialist.

It is very clear that this James Wooster in his younger days was trained in many sports like basketball, football plus others like wrestling, baseball etc and these sports are physically demanding. This superb coach worked with misty Diaz when she was young and helped her to get around the school grounds.

Though there was some improvement initially Misty Diaz condition did not improve after and she had issues. Misty Diaz felt she was not doing anything productively and needed some change. It was highly memorable for her in April in the year 2012 because she was signed to run 5000km.

She expressed her delight after she finished her long run successively and said she was very happy to do it inspite of her physical issues and felt she was accepted by all. Later she took part in 140 races and was the only adaptive athlete to do that. Misty Diaz is highly inspirational to many others. Great Misty Diaz!!

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