Mooi Mthethwa from HillCrest helps in empowering women through NGO Project Dignity


Mooi ‘Mazo’ Mthethwa, from Hillcrest is a motivational speaker who has been working actively in the Upper Highway area, providing young women with reusable sanitary pads.She has got this inspiration due to her real-life experiences and a passion for community upliftment .She comes from an impoverished home and that gives her a basis for understanding the desperation felt by many young girls.

Mthethwa grew up in the township of KwaMashu where she spent her high school afternoons selling various trade items on the roadside to help put food on the table. She obtained Bachelor’s Degree as well as several diploma’s in Life Skills including a Diploma in Theology.Later she was involved in the organisation’s non-profit, Nation Changers, which has 360 volunteers involved in 51 ongoing projects, primarily in the Upper Highway area.

The NGO works with sponsors to donate packs of eco-friendly sanitary pads and accompanying underwear to young girls in disadvantaged areas.This helps the young learners not to miss crucial education time and that could cost them a future.Barnes designed the hygienic, washable sanitary pad which clips onto a cotton underwear, which can be reused for up to five years.

Through Nation Changers, Mooi assists in identifying schools where young women can benefit from these Subz packs’ donations. She also gives motivational talks and has extremely uplifting dialogue with the girls focusing on her life story. She plans to make a positive impact on hundreds of young lives with the assistance of Project Dignity.

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