Muqeem Baig from Pakistan has been guiding many tourists in mountain climbing

Muqeem Baig from Pakistan has been guiding many tourists in mountain climbing

How tough it is to climb a huge mountain? Ask Muqeem Baig from Pakistan and he would give perfect reply for that. Muqeem Baig is a sensational man and has won many applauds for his work. This simple, humble Pakistani has guided many tourists as his job as mountain climber requires him to do that and he does with great efficiency and has often surprised many around him.

It must be noted that he has been doing this profession for last 10 years and has guided many tourists in climbing mountains in the famous Hunzas Shimshaal Valley in Pakistan.

His own trekking company titled ‘’Climax Adventure Pakistan’’ has been doing superbly these days and has been motivating many to pursue their dreams of climbing mountains in Pakistan.

This Muqeem Baig spoke about how climbing Mt Alps during December 2016 was not easy. He spoke about how he climbed this superb mountain from different vantage point. He further said that his friend in France helped him to get a visa.

It must be noted that he was the first ever from Pakistan to climb the Tour Ronde of height 3792 m that is present between France and Italy and he also climbed Petite Aiguille Verte of height 3512 metres in France.

It is worthy to note that the presence of thick ice created many issues for him but with proper equipments for climbing he was able to climb Tour Ronde efficiently. Muqeem Baig also threw light on many things like date of his climbing plus others like time taken and routes he took to reach the top etc. He also spoke about how his father inspired him to achieve great deeds. Fantastic Muqeem Baig!!

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