Natalia Spencer wins Endurance Fundraiser of the Year in London for walking the entire British Coastline !!

Pic: North Devon Gazette

Natalia Spencer recently won Endurance Fundraiser of the Year in London for walking the entire British Coastline

She is an inspirational mom who has dedicated her national award in memory of her little girl by walking the coast of Britain.She was competing with Paralympian and double amputee Aaron Phipps and Davy Ballantyne

She walked over 4,000 miles around Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Lancashire, Cumbria and into Scotland to raise money for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital which cared for her daughter during her last few days.Its almost a year since her kid fell ill with the rare autoimmune condition known as Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis.

She has raised so far £100,000 for charity and although she has reached her fundraising target,she wants to keep doing. She will continue to walk from where she left off in Middlesborough to continue her epic journey.

She mentioned that through her humble fundraising she has achieved not only tthe incredible honour but also had a loving and positive influence on people all over the country.She added that she was proud of her daughter Elizabeth and completely dedicate this award to her without which Elizabeth’s Footprint would not exist. She feels that to touch the lives of so many strangers and create so much good is an amazing legacy for her little girl.

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