Nemkumar Banthia- This Indian professor from Canada based University of British Columbia has invented self repairing roads and is simply superb

Pic: UBC, Daily Hunt

Nemkumar Banthia finished his engineering from the prestigious IIT Delhi and after that he went to Canada for greener pastures. University of British Columbia in Vancover is highly famous university that has created many students over the years who have reached great heights in their career. Nemkumar Banthia is presently part of the civil engineering department of this university.

It is now confirmed that this professor in Canada has invented technology that could be used in making roads and the amazing part is these roads have the ability to repair on their own. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is great to hear that the roads made using this technology are cheaper and last longer when compared to others. The roads made from this new technology are 60% less thick than others. It must be noted that cement is replaced by flyash. It is now said that these roads have hydrophilic nano-coating on them.

The hydrophilic nature helps in attracting water and this water further helps in healing of cracks present on the roads. The superb piece of information regarding these roads developed by the technology of Nemkumar Banthia is they last for 15 years and cost 30 % below the normal costs.

At present this professor and his team members are involved in demonstration project in Karnataka and there are talks where this project could be implemented in Madhya Pradesh and in Haryana also. Great days ahead!!

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