Rebecca Berwick – This girl aged just 17 has raised funds for her cousin Emma Gyles and is highly inspirational to many now


It is not often we come across youngsters like Rebecca Berwick. This 17 year old girl is spoken in high regards by her teachers and she has caught the attention of many.

It is superb that she won the Nelsons Thomilson Schools Community Award for her superb work that is applauded by many. It is superb that she played a huge role in raising thousands of pounds in the memory of her cousin.

It is now confirmed that when Rebecca Berwick was studying in the famous Wigton School she did amazingly in continuous fund raising efforts and the teachers were so impressed by her efforts and they singled out this Rebecca Berwick for the award. It is awesome that she raised money of 5000 pounds by selling of cards gifts chocolates during Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

It must be noted that in 2008 Rebecca Berwick’s cousin Emma Gyles passed away due to ovarian cancer and Rebecca collected funds in the memory of her cousin and it was touching. It is important to note that a charity was set up by the parents of Emma Gyles to provide help to the talented medical student to join research. Rebecca Berwick spoke about how she liked helping others and asked her uncle and aunty who are parents of Emma whether they need her help.

Rebecca Berwick felt delighted and surprised regarding the award. In the future this Rebecca wants to join Newcastle University or Lancaster University to study history and wants to carry this fund raising effort. Great Rebecca Berwick!!

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