Saed Karzoun- This motivational speaker from Palestine preaches positive thinking to his fellow Palestinians and is superb

Pic: 16IACC

Saed Karzoun is now making headlines. This 31 year old motivational speaker has been preaching positive thinking to his own country people of Palestine. According to Saed Karzoun performing to one’s best of abilities is very important. He also stresses the importance of helping others and making them feel happy. It is now said that this 31 year old handsome Saed Karzoun is doing his best to encourage the Palestinian people greatly.

It must be noted that in Palestine unemployment is high plus other issues like lack of peace, decrease in foreign aid etc have created many problems there. It is now said that the optimism is not present in Palestine and in the people there. It is important to note that at the Ramallah based Arab Evangelical Episcopal School this Saed Karzoun gave inspiring speech to the students there and he was simply superb.

Saed Karzoun spoke about his book titled ‘’ 30 Secret Numbers: The Journey of Cosmic Rock and Secrets of Mental Power’’ where a boy named Farhaan in the refugee camp near Ramallah was bullied by the kids there. He was considered useless by many there. Later this Farhaan meets Beethoven, Steve Jobs etc and gets great knowledge about the world etc. Saed Karzoun spoke about how his book was all about harnessing power and later threw light about what made him to write the book.

He said that many questions from youngsters regarding their life career, ambitions etc have made him to write this book. he also spoke about how he was inspired by the videos of motivational speaker Les Brown. Superb Saed Karzoun!!

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