Search is on for the world’s new heaviest man for Guinness Book of Records

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Following the death of the current holder, the Dundonian editor of the Guinness Book of Records is searching for a new heaviest man in the world. Yes you read it true – Dundee record keeper seeks world’s heaviest man. Craig Glenday is responsible for a team of 100 staff who pull together world achievements for the popular annual.

Also the former medical photographer has encountered with some of the most amazing and interesting people on the planet. Somewhere it’s hard to digest that you have been provided with some very strange information but we can’t help with it as truth never compensates. Craig Glenday has met a man who ate a plane including the astronaut Buzz Aldrin and since 2005, he has been responsible for discovering some of the more outlandish world records.

Now he is searching for new World’s heaviest man and is working hard to find him after former record holder Manuel Andres Moreno died and with his death, he left a gaping hole in the book.

According to Craig Glenday, people like him are hard to find.

Craig explained only around 7% of applications received each year make it into the heavy tome and there are people who could emerge as the best possible contenders for the book but they are not prepared to be weighed properly or named.

“I’m living the dream, if there was a world record for enjoying your job, I’m sure I would be in the book. But only about 7% of applications make it through to becoming a record- and then only about half of these get selected for the book, said Craig.

He added that Elaine Davidson is still the world’s most pierced person and has a new record- the heaviest weight pulled by the tongue by a female.

The 43-year-old has revealed several world records have been set by Scots for this year’s book.

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