Shalini Agarwal- Animal Activist Who Takes Care of 46 Animals in Her Apartment


Would you believe this!! A woman named Shalini Agarwal lives in her two bedroom apartment not alone but with as many as 46 animals. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is amazing to mention here that this sensational Shalini Agarwal has dogs, cats, horses, eagles, hawks and even a monkey as her pets and they all live together in her house. This animal rights activist from Bareilly has been doing superbly in taking care of these animals and has inspired many around her with this great work towards animals.

This woman who has been taking care of animals for nearly 20 years felt happy about her work and revealed that it was from her father she got this inspiration as he was very affectionate and kind towards animals and treated them as his own kid. This Shalini Agarwal later spoke her heart out regarding how death of a pregnant dog affected her badly and how it was responsible for her to start an organization to take care of animals.

Her organization named ‘’Mercy for All’’ is doing fabulous work towards many animals now. It is important to note that she manages all the funds by herself and takes care of many abandoned animals under her organization. According to Shalini Agarwal animals play important role in ecosystem balance and they need to be shown sympathy by the people.

It is now brought out that she gets many calls from the public to save the animals in pain. Latest news about her is she is trying her best to raise funds to build a team of volunteers. Great Shalini Agarwal!!

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