Students from Indian Institute of Technology in Gandhinagar set up library for the kids of the village using corrugated paper sheets and is awesome

Representational Pic: Flickr

Now a day’s people do many good things for others benefit and catch the attention of many all over. It is now confirmed that the students from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT in Gandhinagar in Gujarat have done superbly for the benefit of the village kids and they are spoken highly. It must be noted that students named Prateek Verma, Akshat Pachuri, Rajat Rajan and others like Yash Patel, Rajat Goel, Rohit Singh belongs to second year from this IIT Gandhinagar and they have taken the initiative of setting up a library for the village kids.

This library would be small and would be set up in Palaj Primary School that has about 250 kids studying. It is now said that this mini library would be beneficial for kids between the ages 7 and 14.

According to Prateek Verma the number of books present would be increased slowly and books published by NCERT would also be available in the mini library in the future so that the kids could be benefited. It is superb that many donors have come forward to give books for this library and re usage of materials available to set up the library was also taken into consideration by these amazing students.

Corrugated sheets were utilized by Verma and Rajan and used to create table, chair etc. It must be noted that the library has got 12 chairs, three tables and two book shelves for the kids.

It is now confirmed that the corrugated papers are used because they are cheap, light weight and easier to work when compared with other types of materials. Great news!!

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