Subashini Sankaran- She is India’s first female IPS officer in-charge of Chief Minister’s Security in Assam


Many women get recognized and they achieve top posts these days and inspire many others. Subashini Sankaran has now made women community proud and happy as she is India’s first ever female IPS officer who is in-charge of Assam’s chief minister’s security. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It must be noted that in the month of July 2016 this Subashini Sankaran got this post of chief minister’s security in-charge and she is spoken in high esteem by many. According to Subashini Sankaran she is now getting accepted by the people as the first female IPS officer in-charge of chief minister’s security in Assam. She also spoke about how her work keeps her busy for more than 18 hours sometimes and how she is happy with that.

It is important to note that she is involved in activities like route mapping when chief minister travels plus she also coordinates with other persons who are involved in the security of the chief minister.

It is superb to note that Subashini Sankaran of Tamil Nadu has won many accolades in north-east of India with her superb efficiency in her work. This woman who has a degree in sociology from the prestigious St Xavier’s college also completed her masters in philosophy from JNU of Delhi.

It is well known that in the state of Assam there are many issues going on like smuggling, poaching plus other law and order problems and her previous experience as assistant superintendent of police in Guwahati helps her a great deal. Fantastic Subashini Sankaran!!

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