Survivor Santhosh Upadhyay had exchanged his seat with a woman in the Indore-Patna train that met with an accident recently


Recently a train accident caught the attention of many. It must be noted that Indore- Patna express train derailed near Kanpur on 20th November 2016 and it was responsible for killing as many as 150 people who traveled in it. A man named Santhosh Upadhyay of age 43 traveled in this train and he shared his terrific experience regarding the accident that killed many people.

He spoke about the people who were in happy mood as they were going for attending weddings.
Santhosh Upadhyay also spoke about how he spent 7 hours in S2 bogie compartment of this train and how this compartment was filled to its total capacity that day.

It is now said that this Santhosh entered the train at 3pm in Ujjain and he was travelling to Kanpur. It must be noted that in Bhopal a woman boarded the train and this Santhosh exchanged his seat with her as she requested him so that she could go along with her friend in S2 compartment.

Santhosh also spoke about how at around 3 am in the morning huge sound was heard that lasted for a minute and at that time many people were sleeping. It is now revealed that Santhosh and others escaped through emergency windows. He also said the people who escaped held each other hands and comforted each other.

Santhosh further spoke about how he remembered Biren Singh who was also travelling in that train and how he became close to him. It must be noted that Santhosh Upadhyay went to the derailed S2 compartment to see this Biren Singh who had died. Touching!!

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