Technology can lead you to your well deserved place-proves this brilliant short film for Samsung-Samsung Smart Class


Technology can lead you to places and this has been proved again by this wonderful and amazing short film by Samsung-titled as Samsung Smart Class. The beauty of this short film is such that you can’t resist yourself from watching it again and again. if we talk about the advantage of technology, we all could clearly see how our dream of Digital India is leading and making ways even in the smaller of areas but this is definitely not the limit, the goal is to achieve a larger scale and a broader vision and helping the effort achieve more, Samsung has brought you its new smart class. This new feature will make you inspire to learn more.

Somewhere in the remote area, a couple had been living alone for years and their son has been pursuing his studies in the city. Where on one side the father has accepted this that his son will not come back, on the other side, his mother is sure that he definitely will and on her happiness, they travel to the city to meet their son.

Upon reaching his destined place, they both are shocked as well as surprised to see that their son has been selected to study in Australia through his smart class by which he was making a video call conference. As soon as his parents got to know that their son will be going to Australia to study doctor course, they are filled with pride and honor. The boy credits his success to the smart class by Samsung where each n everything is available on finger tip.

Learning more and more is never a harm and this smart class from Samsung is definitely a helpful tool.

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