The Amazing Eileen Haysham-older than her clients and has no plans to retire

Pic: Bridgwater

Eileen Haysham (84) still visits her clients six days a week, has only taken two weeks off work in 50 years, and has no plans to retire just yet. She might be the most dedicated carer in the country.

The interesting fact about her is that the inspirational Eileen, from Bridgwater, Somerset, is older than some of her clients and known for riding her bike around the area in all weathers. The great grandmother only took time off last year, when she was forced to have a break after having her cataracts removed. She has worked as a care and support worker since 1965 and said she loves her job.

She has a better opinion on working at the age of 84. She seems to be good in health as she walks out of the house for work. She likes meeting people and love keeping them in their homes as long as she can.

According to Eileen Haysham, ‘I love all of it really. I mean I don’t mind what I do, cleaning or cooking or washing or anything. It doesn’t make any difference to me, I just get in and do it.

The changes that Eileen Haysham has seen is that now carers do the washing, giving eye and ear drops with persmission from the office.

She had lost her husband thirteen years ago. her routine includes visiting five clients a day who appreciate her ‘Irish charm’, with one admitting she would be ‘lost without her’.

She was recently handed an outstanding achievement award in recognition of her tireless service at an event held at Somerset Care’s Sedgemoor Community Services office.

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