The inspirational drama titled ‘’All Saints’’ is about the happenings that took place at the All Saints Church and how the church was saved by refugees of Myanmar and is fabulous

Representational Pic: Wikimedia

It is often said seeing real life incidents on the big screen would be superb experience for the viewers and this would soon become true. The latest news is a real life incident based film titled ‘’All Saints’’ is being made now and it is inspired by refugees of Myamnar who have played great role in saving Smyrna church. Great news is it would hit the big screens soon. Fabulous isn’t it!!

It must be noted that this inspirational drama would have John Corbett and Cara Buono doing nice roles and Affirm Films and provident films are the two entities behind this film. It must not be forgotten that All Saints Episcopal Church was about to be closed and at this point of time refugees from Myanmar joined the Rutherford Church and helped it. It is now said that the group of refugees worked together to launch a farm on the property and sorted out issues like paying church bills etc.

It is now clear that the story of All Saints Church at Smyrna is highly inspiring where refugees have done amazingly to give new life to a church. It is now said that this All Saints story would make a good film that would be enjoyed by the audiences because it is about refugees who have played their role in reviving the church.

It is now brought out that it was superb experience when shooting of the film at Tennessee took place. It was in the year 2011 the screenplay for this started and this Tennessee was selected as a place to shoot this film. Amazing!!

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