These students from Alvin Junior High School in Texas showed their true love for their dying teacher by singing song and it was highly touching


It is not every other day we come across such news of students proving their true love for their teacher. It is really touching to hear that students of Alvin Junior High School from Texas in USA did that and they were simply outstanding for their loving nature.

It must be noted that Mariana Walker was a highly respected and loved choir teacher of this school in Texas and she has been in the limelight now. It is very sad to note that this choir teacher Mariana Walker had cancer and was in the hospital as it became serious concern. It is really fantastic that group of her students showed what their teacher meant for them when the students went to hospital to bid her goodbye in a touching manner.

It is now said that these students from Alvin Junior High school sang a song. It is clear that the windows plus screen doors were kept opened so that Mariana walker would be able to hear the song sung by her students. Mariana’s daughter Alyx Vesey spoke about how the students gave her mother lot of peace by their singing.

This song titled ‘’Oceans’’ was rendered by the students at the hospital and it was really superb. It is now confirmed that Mariana Walker breathed her last just five minutes after hearing the song sung by her students. Rest in peace Mariana Walker!!

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